Know This Time


Released: Sept. 18, 2018

Duration: 0:15:30

Songs: 4

Lyrics: Prajwal Aryal, Abhishekh Pokhrel

Producers: Phosphenes

Sweet vocal harmonies and an EP that feels like a train ride through the country side even though you’ve never been on a train before. This can maybe sum up the 4 track sweet journey that this EP is. The title track starts off this one. The smell of morning mist as a lazy head wakes up to catch a ride to embark on a journey that may change his/her life – this is the feel of the overall progression of the song. The lovely dynamic and crescendo of this song as it builds into a full scale euphoric outro and we swiftly change gears into “Let The Universe Find You” – a soft jazzy trip straight to the 60s as you imagine scenarios – colorful yet in black and white. The semi-walking basslines – strafes – a piano driven melancholia – this one and definitely a highlight. “I’m not your lover – I’m just a station on your way” encapsulates the nomadic spirit of “Dust” – the third track on this record. The female vocal harmonies are exquisite on this as on any other song on this EP. A swingtastic buildup of a song and the guitar tones are lovely. This feels like a lyrical prequel to the final track “I Will Be Gone” – just a station on your way they did warn – a somber closure to a bittersweet EP. The songs are well thought out and if you’re looking for a mellow evening with a cup of coffee in hand – then give this a spin – it will be an immersive experience.

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